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Mommy’s Home Church

Dear Munchkin and Peanut, Yesterday I attended a hymn festival at my church. Daddy stayed home with you so I could focus on the worship experience. Sitting alone in the pews reminded me of when I first decided this was … Continue reading

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Slippery Slope

My dearest Peanut and Munchkin, I could have killed you. It started that morning. I took you to an event with lots of vendors for kid products and services. One specific vendor drew me there with an opportunity to have … Continue reading

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Munchkin: An Easy Pregnancy

Dear Munchkin, I loved being pregnant with you. As pregnancies go, it was pretty easy. I didn’t experience much nausea, though I did have a little trouble with gagging when I brushed my teeth. Once I figured out the cause-and-effect … Continue reading

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Munchkin’s Lutheran Godparents

Dear Munchkin, We were planning your Baptism before you were born, carefully considering who we would ask to be your sponsors. We settled pretty quickly on asking Aunt B and Uncle P to be your Lutheran Godparents. Aunt B and … Continue reading

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Stolen Moments

Dear Munchkin and Peanut, One morning a few months ago, Peanut woke up very early. I already felt like a wet noodle from an intense workout the night before, and having to get up with Peanut meant I only had … Continue reading

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“Let’s Pray”

My dear little Peanut, You are so precious when you bring your hands together to pray. What’s particularly impressive is that we didn’t have to teach you to do this; you just picked it up by watching the rest of … Continue reading

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Devastated but not Despairing

My darling babies, A few days ago, a very disturbed man shot and killed six adults and twenty children in their school, in addition to injuring others. Those little children were only 6 or 7 years old. Babies. Darling babies … Continue reading

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