Munchkin’s Lutheran Godparents

Dear Munchkin,

We were planning your Baptism before you were born, carefully considering who we would ask to be your sponsors.

We settled pretty quickly on asking Aunt B and Uncle P to be your Lutheran Godparents. Aunt B and I grew up together, and her parents are my Godparents, as well as my sister’s. I can’t even remember exactly when Aunt B and I first met, but I have many memories of playing together as children. Aunt B remains one of my closest friends; she has seen me at my best and at my worst. I’ve been there at some of her best and worst moments, too.

Daddy and I met Uncle P at their wedding, but we knew he must be a wonderful man if he won Aunt B’s heart. They are both faith-filled people. They work together to lead music for worship services, and Aunt B is the director of family and youth ministry for the church. It was an extra blessing when we discovered they would also have a baby relatively close to your age.

A Godparent’s role is to love and pray for the child, but also to help with the child’s Christian upbringing, especially if the child loses his or her parents. There is no question Aunt B and Uncle P love you and pray for you. They live far away, but we have video chats with them to keep in touch. We also visit in person every chance we have. They’ve already helped with your Christian upbringing by giving you a baby Bible, a book of Advent devotions for kids your age, and other things that help us remind you and teach you about our faith. And if it came to it, they would gladly do anything in their power to care for you and guide you if Daddy and I could not.

Aunt B and Uncle P are loving, honest, faithful people. I pray you develop a deep connection with them as you mature, learning from them and admiring them. I also pray that you and their daughter become good friends. Our families have been linked for most of my life. I would love to see that legacy continue.


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