A Warm December Evening

Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

Saturday evening, after the three of us had a good nap (Daddy had to work), we went outside to play for a while. Even though it was the first day of December, it was warm enough to require only a light sweater or jacket. As we started outside, our neighbor from across the street, her son and his girlfriend were just heading out to walk their dogs, a big Bullmastiff and a three-legged miniature pinscher. Munchkin ran to greet them; Peanut wanted to run, too, but I held him back so I could finish putting on his sweater.

Our neighbor helped Munchkin make a paper airplane, which she had a great time flying after they left for their walk. We all had fun just running around in the grass for a while, greeted another neighbor and her dog out for a walk, then decided to take a walk ourselves. With Munchkin in the stroller and Peanut on my back in the Ergo, we walked around the neighborhood for about an hour looking at Christmas lights.

I could tell Peanut was getting sleepy again when he started laying his head down on my back. I love it when he cuddles up to me like that. Munchkin said she was feeling sleepy, too, toward the end of our walk, and asked if she could nap in the stroller for a little while; it is so cute and sweet when she asks like that! She didn’t actually fall asleep, and neither did Peanut. We had a wonderful time just enjoying the pretty lights and relatively warm weather; it was a lovely bonding experience, too.

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