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Say Yes

Dear Peanut and Munchkin, Early in our parenting career, Daddy and I decided that we would let you explore and do as much as possible, taking a “what would it hurt?” approach. I’ve been straying from that a lot more … Continue reading

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Munchkin’s Lutheran Godparents

Dear Munchkin, We were planning your Baptism before you were born, carefully considering who we would ask to be your sponsors. We settled pretty quickly on asking Aunt B and Uncle P to be your Lutheran Godparents. Aunt B and … Continue reading

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Stolen Moments

Dear Munchkin and Peanut, One morning a few months ago, Peanut woke up very early. I already felt like a wet noodle from an intense workout the night before, and having to get up with Peanut meant I only had … Continue reading

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Advent Devotions

Dear Munchkin, Throughout December, we’ve been working through an Advent countdown book for kids from one set of your Godparents, Aunt B and Uncle P. Each devotion includes a short commentary on a particular topic, a Bible verse, a prayer, … Continue reading

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