Reality Check

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

You were wired last night. It seemed impossible to keep you in chairs at dinner. Every time we turned around, trying to satisfy one of your requests, you were wandering again. And it was loud. VERY loud. Peanut was chattering something at the top of his lungs, despite multiple requests to use “inside voices.” Munchkin, Daddy and I found ourselves raising our own voices just to communicate with each other.

The cacophony continued as I cleaned up after dinner. Your shrieks were ear-splitting. I was grumbling in my head about the din and the fact you were running inside when I remembered a tornado had devastated a suburb of Oklahoma City that day.

I thought of the families left without tables or food. Homes, schools, and businesses destroyed. Parents who would never again hear their children’s voices.

My thoughts turned from gripes to thanksgiving that our day had been perfectly mundane. I offered prayers for those affected by the disaster, emergency personnel and relief workers. I donated to a charity providing assistance.

I remembered to cherish the noise and chaos of our home.

Love and hugs,

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