You Are My Sunshine

Dear Munchkin,

Yesterday was very grey. It rained off and on all day, and the clouds settled heavily over us, masking hills and taller buildings from view.

This week’s theme at your preschool is “weather.” You’ve been learning about different types of weather, and even a little bit about how it all works. They’ve taught you songs about the weather, too, like “Rain, Rain, Go Away,” “What’s the Weather?” and “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Yesterday when I picked you up after lunch, you wanted to run down the private sidewalk. As you reached the halfway point on your way back to me, I could hear snippets of something you were saying. Once you came a little closer, I managed to make it out: you were singing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Against the dark backdrop of the sky, your smiling face was radiant. It was the epitome of childhood: running and skipping, hair flying, not a care in the world. Your joy was infectious. It flooded through me and burst out in a smile of my own.

My heart danced.

Yes, indeed, you are my sunshine.

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