No More Babies

Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

There are no babies here anymore.

Peanut has been walking and talking for quite a while. We’ve been enjoying the ability to leave the house without a diaper bag for a couple months. We “forgot” the bottles at home when we went on vacation, though by that time we had already whittled down to just the one before bed. Peanut has learned to drink from a regular cup, too, so the sippy cups only come out when you ask for water in bed. And a couple weeks ago, the last bastion of the baby phase — the pacifiers — disappeared, too. Peanut barely batted an eye.

Meanwhile, Munchkin is making wonderful progress in reading and writing, and starting to learn about science and math. I can hardly believe we’re discussing where she will attend Kindergarten next Fall. How did we get here so fast?

The two of you never cease to amaze me. Your keen perception of the world around us reminds me to stop and take notice. Your enthusiasm and intensity freshen the mundane. And you have the sweetest, most generous hearts I know (when you’re not trying to kill each other). I am immensely proud of you.

And I miss my babies.

Love always,

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