First Sleepover

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Last Friday night, Mommy and Daddy had the opportunity to go to a trivia night with Uncle M and Aunt J. Aunt J’s mom was going to watch their kids, and they invited you to come play and spend the night. After Aunt J’s brother and his wife arrived at the venue, we learned they had dropped off their son, too, so Granny M had a full house of 7 kids(!), ranging in age from 8 years to 19 months. Fortunately, the oldest was able to help a little, and all the kids went to bed after a couple hours.

When we returned from the trivia night, Granny M gave the parents a rundown of the evening. Peanut had gotten upset a few times, but had a pretty good night nonetheless. After his first two days at daycare, we’d expected he might cry a little. But he was already very familiar with Granny M, the other kids, and the house from previous visits, so it wasn’t too rough on him. The 8-year-old was very helpful with the littlest ones, including Peanut; Aunt J calls her “the baby whisperer.”

When it was bedtime, Munchkin declared she would sleep in the middle daughter’s bunk bed, and the middle daughter was all for it! The two were quite cozy in there when I checked on them. Granny M put Peanut down on a bed of blankets and sleeping bags in the toddler’s room. I moved him to sleep in the spare bedroom with me since he often gets up very early.

Peanut did wake up at 6:30 a.m., but we were in the basement and the room had no windows, so I was able to get him back to sleep for a bit. The other kids started waking up around 7. I’d been warned it would sound like a herd of elephants when they started moving around, and that proved true. Peanut and I came upstairs about 7:30 to find all the other kids up, Aunt J cooking eggs and cinnamon roll pancakes, and Granny M helping to keep order. Munchkin had already shed her pajamas in favor of a princess dress from the girls’ stash and was watching TV. She barely noticed when I said good morning; I took that as proof she’d had a good night and woke up feeling secure and happy. We all had breakfast together, then everybody got dressed and headed their separate ways.

This is exactly the kind of relationship and experience I desire for you, kiddos. Granny M even mentioned she’d told a friend that the two of you are sort of “adopted grandkids.” I am so thankful we have friends like this; they are such a wonderful blessing.

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