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Rescue Girls

Dear Munchkin, For months, you’ve been chattering about Rescue Girls. It seems you created a game at school and recruited your friends. The game appears pretty straightforward: from what I can tell, you run around the playground “rescuing” people who … Continue reading

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Blink of an Eye

Dear Peanut, A couple weeks ago, I went on a business trip. I was gone less than 48 hours, but I was shocked by how much you changed. Before I left, you’d been speaking in short phrases, and it took … Continue reading

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The Terrible Twos

“The worst thing about turning two is that THEY TURN TWO.” –Daddy Dear Peanut, You’ve been having one meltdown after another this week. Three nights in a row now, it’s felt like one long tantrum from dinner time through bed … Continue reading

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Accessing the entirety of information known to man

Dear Peanut and Munchkin, A few days ago, I saw this quip on Facebook: Q: If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about life today? A: I possess … Continue reading

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Kissy face

Dear Munchkin and Peanut, Peanut recently figured out how to give kisses, and, it would seem, that kisses communicate love. Well, he mostly figured it out; he isn’t quite pursing his lips every time yet. Sometimes it’s closer to a … Continue reading

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Dear Munchkin and Peanut, It warms my heart that you both love it when I sing to you at bedtime. At various times, you have both asked for more, whether I’m pausing just for a moment or had really intended … Continue reading

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The Marriage Counselor

Dear Munchkin and Peanut, Yes, Daddy and I see a marriage counselor. No, we’re not trying to stave off divorce. No, our marriage isn’t troubled. There is no need for you to worry. The counselor himself probably put it best … Continue reading

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