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On Ratatouille and Vocation

Dear Munchkin, I made a simple ratatouille for dinner. As it grew close to serving time, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea: we could watch Disney’s Ratatouille as a family while eating its namesake! You’ve seen other Disney … Continue reading

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Grammy’s Baked Ziti

Dear Peanut and Munchkin, Yesterday I made baked ziti for Peanut’s school picnic, from Grammy’s recipe. It was my favorite meal growing up, but took a long time to prepare, so we didn’t have it more than a few times … Continue reading

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Reality Check

Dear Munchkin and Peanut, You were wired last night. It seemed impossible to keep you in chairs at dinner. Every time we turned around, trying to satisfy one of your requests, you were wandering again. And it was loud. VERY loud. … Continue reading

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The Biter

Dear Peanut, You bit my arm last night. HARD. I have a bruise there now, to match the one on my other arm where you bit me the night before. These were only the most recent of too many bites … Continue reading

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Munchkin’s Shadow

Dear Peanut, Whatever Munchkin has, you want, too. Whatever Munchkin does, you want to do, too. This desire has manifested in many ways, not the least of which is demanding a barrette in your hair whenever we’re doing Munchkin’s. Your … Continue reading

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