Timing is everything

Dear Peanut,

It was one of those rare times we actually made it to church a little early. Munchkin led us all the way up to the front row, in the direct line of sight of our senior pastor. He’s a good man, if a little aloof, and I respect him. To be honest, I’m also a little intimidated by him.

You were feeling kind of crabby, but were still behaving about as well as a 2.5-year-old can. You forgot to use your quiet voice a few times, but nothing so distracting that we would need to exit the sanctuary. However, you did repeatedly ask when it would be over.

I gave you some minor correction during the sermon, to which you responded with a cranky pout. It was then that the guest preacher asked the congregation, “Do you want to be close to God?” Without missing a beat, you emphatically cried out “No!”

Did I mention we were right in front of the senior pastor? Gulp. Well… he has kids, too. They’re grown now, but he remembers, right?

At least everyone knows you were paying attention…


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