For the record

Dear Peanut,

Last night, as soon as we finished dinner, you excitedly asked Daddy, “can we do the dishes?”

It’s likely there will come a time when you grumble and try to get out of this particular chore, but it’s your special task now. It’s one-on-one time with Daddy, but more than that, you love feeling capable. You even wanted to help do the dishes after dinner at a friend’s house last week. We’ve so often praised and thanked you for being a good helper that, at times, you confidently say “yow wehcome” before we can fully verbalize the sentiment.

Last night, you tried to climb over the handle of the kitchen stool to reach some of the dishes in the sink. Daddy had just turned to put something in the dishwasher when you fell about 3 feet to the floor. You exploded into tears, of course, but appeared more frightened than hurt. I rushed to pick you up and comfort you, and got an ice pack for the spot on your hip that seemed to hurt the most. As you burrowed into my neck, your sobs began to subside.

“I did it mysewf.”
“What did you do?”
“I feww.”
“You fell by yourself?”
“Do you know why you fell? Did you climb over the stool?”
“Uh huh.”
“Well, we learned something from this, didn’t we? The next time you can’t reach something, you can ask Daddy to move the stool for you. You need to keep both feet on the step to stay safe.”
“Daddy, can you move the stooww pwease?”

You love doing the dishes so much, you wanted to get right back up on the horse after only a few minutes of cuddling and soothing.

I want to remember that in about 10 years.


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