How we decorated the Christmas tree with Advent devotions

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Munchkin used her charming wiles to cajole Daddy into putting up the Christmas tree in early December this year, much earlier than last year. As a liturgist, Daddy has been reluctant to begin anything related to Christmas before Christmas itself, wanting to focus on Advent instead.

Munchkin is very persistent. And I pointed out that even our churches were decorating and putting up Christmas trees during Advent. So Daddy relented.

We put the lights on as soon as it was put together and started adding ornaments, too. But it was slow going since we had to choose which ornaments were safe for you to handle, then help you place them on the tree. Of course, you wanted to play with them, too, so we placed the same ornaments on the tree over and over. The tree was still sparsely accented when it was time to get ready for bed.

We planned to get back to it relatively soon, but we wanted the whole family to be together. That proved more challenging than expected since Daddy is so busy this time of year.

In the mean time, we continued reading our Advent devotion book, which includes an activity for each day. I’d forgotten how many of them suggest putting something on the Christmas tree. Gradually, the bare spots were filled in, until last night, I put the skirt down under the presents mailed by family and friends.

It’s a fun representation of our family, as well as reminders of what we talked about throughout Advent. Maybe next year, we’ll leave plenty of room on purpose.


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