Say Yes


Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

Early in our parenting career, Daddy and I decided that we would let you explore and do as much as possible, taking a “what would it hurt?” approach.

I’ve been straying from that a lot more than I would like. I mostly say no to things that feel like too much work or that I just don’t want to do, like going outside to play when I’m tired or letting you sit in my lap when I’m feeling “touched out.” The problem is I’m exhausted most of the time, which also leads me to get “touched out” much more easily, too.

The activity for our Advent devotion a few days ago was to write on a piece of paper something we could do before Christmas to give of ourselves, then hang it on our Christmas tree. I wrote “say yes.” I explained to you that I can’t say yes to absolutely everything. It is, after all, my job to teach you what is right and keep you safe. And saying “no” sometimes is valid since putting you first 100% of the time would hurt me before long and be a disservice to you. But I could compromise more often than I do.

So I’m making an effort. Munchkin has reminded me a few times. And I try to remember that this time together, when you are so small and want to be with me, will pass far too quickly.


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