The Big Bed

Dear Munchkin,

Earlier this week, after the lights had been out for quite a while, you piped up for the umpteenth time.

“No more talking.”
“But this is the last, last thing. Please, Mama?”
(heavy sigh) “OK. The. Last. Thing. What is your question?”
“Is this a King size bed or a Queen size bed?”
“This is a King size bed.”
“Munchkin, we agreed that was the last thing. No more talking.”
“No. More. Talking!”
“But I wasn’t finished with my QUESTION!”
(heavy sigh) “OK. Finish your question.”
“Are we going to get another bed? Because this one is only big enough for one adult.”

(flabbergasted silence)

“Munchkin, that is a different question. I already answered the last question for tonight. We can talk more about it tomorrow. Time for sleep, now.”

Yep, it seems our brilliant solution of switching to a King was short-lived. All four of us fit fine for a few months, then you started sleeping in your own bed pretty much every night. But a few weeks ago, you began coming in around 5-6 a.m. and waking everyone up as you clambered into the bed. And there is no getting your brother to settle back down in the morning. Once he’s up, he’s UP. So we’ve been moving you into the big bed during the night as a preventive measure, and about the half the time, we just have you both go to sleep in our bed to begin with. Of course, you’ve both grown throughout the last year. After a week or so of trying to hang on to a sliver of space, Daddy has once again taken up residence on the couch.

Next big idea: bunk beds. Hopefully before your next birthday.


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