Halloween Candy Buy-Back

Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

You were 2 and 4 years old at Halloween this year. Peanut dressed up as a puppy and Munchkin was an astronaut. We attended a Trunk-or-Treat at Daddy’s church, where you made out like bandits with candy. When we took you from trunk to trunk, we encouraged you to say “thank you.” As folks replied “Happy Halloween,” Peanut began exclaiming “Ha’ee Ah-wee!” in a way that melted hearts.

When I told Peanut he was the cutest little puppy, he said “I know,” but without an ounce of arrogance. Meanwhile, Munchkin received many compliments on her costume, too, and had a great time running and skipping and jumping and dancing through the parking lot.

Halloween night was less than a week later.

What to do with all that candy? Within a few days after Trunk-or-Treat, we knew most of it would have to go. At every meal — and in between — you clamored for candy. Candy! CANDY! We allowed you to have 1 piece each for dessert after each lunch and dinner, then on Sunday night, you each chose 5 pieces to keep, and we put the rest in plastic shopping bags.

Monday morning, Daddy took you to a local dentist who was buying back the candy at $1 per pound. Munchkin sold hers for $2 and Peanut earned $3. Daddy gave Munchkin an extra dollar to even things out, then took you to Target to shop the dollar bins. Munchkin chose a coloring book, necklace, and set of pink and purple pens. Peanut, as usual, was just going to copy Munchkin, but, with Daddy’s help, settled on an airplane, a package of shaped erasers, and the same pink and purple pens. You each paid for your purchases and carried your shopping bags. When you arrived back home, you were very excited to show me what you bought, and wanted to take everything out of the packages right away.

It was rewarding to see how happy you were about the whole experience, and a big relief to have alllllll that candy out of the house! As a bonus, you had your first lesson in earning and spending money. I am thankful the dentist offers the program!


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