The Terrible Twos

“The worst thing about turning two is that THEY TURN TWO.” –Daddy

Dear Peanut,

You’ve been having one meltdown after another this week. Three nights in a row now, it’s felt like one long tantrum from dinner time through bed time, a period of 2-3 hours, with only fleeting periods of calm.

Some of your molars may be working their way out, so teething pain may be a contributing factor. Sadly, we lost the amber teething necklace early in our vacation last week. I bought a new one today hoping that might help.

Your capacity for stimulation and adaptation is probably maxed out from our 8-day trip, as well as coming home. To top it off, there were completely different teachers in your classroom when you returned to school.

Mostly, though, we think it’s just par for the course of being two. Munchkin went through a similar phase, though you have the added frustration of watching your big sister do many things for herself. “Me did it!” is your favorite phrase right now, but there are many things you simply don’t have the physical skill to accomplish yet. And you scream in anger and frustration if we try to help or guide your hands.

I feel so sorry for you, Peanut. You’re terribly frustrated and you don’t have sufficient language to express yourself or even fully understand what you feel. The bright side is that Munchkin has moved beyond this phase, and so will you. You will gain greater physical and language skills, just as she has. In the mean time, Daddy and I will support you and love you and teach you.

But this may be a long year for all of us.


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