Dear Peanut,

At the tender age of 22.5 months, you have now defeated almost every childproofing measure Daddy and I put in place.

The first to go were the outlet plugs. We got them as soon as Munchkin was mobile, long before you were born. You must have seen adults removing them to plug things in on occasion and began pulling them out yourself not long after you learned to walk. Of course we told you “NO!” and put the plugs back in, but we also started using “hot!” to warn you away.

Not much later, you yanked so hard on a kitchen drawer that you broke your first spring-release latch. The rest went like dominoes.

A few months ago, your attempts to open a kitchen cabinet resulted in the door being torn almost completely in two.

A week or so ago, Daddy found the child lock for our bedroom door knob in pieces on the floor. We put it back on, but Saturday you took it off again and brought it to me.

And yesterday, while I was getting dressed for church, you climbed up and pulled off the cord wind-up for the window blinds in the master bedroom. Although I put it back, it seems we’ll have to come up with another way to teach you not to play with the cords.

All that’s left are the 2-step locks on your dresser drawers and the sliding lock at the top of the bi-fold pantry door. I’m praying we have at least another year or so before you figure those out!

Munchkin never did any of this stuff, so it’s been pretty shocking. You are very observant, but you’ve also shown a keen interest in how things work. Is all of this a sign of future hobbies or career interests, or just part of being a boy?


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