The Magic of Amber

Dear Peanut,

You have been teething like crazy for weeks. You’ve been working on your lower canines and some molars off and on for what feels like months. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing you attempting to shove your whole fist into your mouth.

We feel so badly for you, poor little guy. We try to do what we can for you. We offer you teethers, Hyland’s tablets, Orajel… and you’ve worn an amber necklace since you first showed signs of teething. We only take it off for bath time or playing in the pool.

Sometimes I think you’ve figured out what the necklace is for. Daddy and I weren’t sure it really worked, but we figured it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, though, we’ve forgotten to put it back on after the bath, and you’ve even gone a day or so without it before somebody noticed. But one day a couple months ago, when you were teething pretty badly, you asked for the necklace. Perhaps you’re used to it and you just noticed it was missing; but you had never asked for it before. I think maybe it does relieve some of the inflammation and pain, and that was the only way you could tell me.

It was a magical moment.


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