The Birds of Spring


Dear kiddos,

Last Spring, this Mama bird decided Munchkin’s high window was the perfect spot. We were all fascinated as we watched her build the nest and sit on it. It was so exciting when her babies finally hatched! Adults could see from the inside when they poked their tiny heads up, and Munchkin loved to be picked up so she could see, too. And of course we could hear them.

This year, we were treated a second time. I don’t know if it was the same bird or a different one. We never removed the nest from last year. But once again, we had a front-row seat, and Daddy bird helped with feeding the hatchlings this time!

Peanut was especially excited since he was too young last year to realize what was going on, and Munchkin stepped up to give Mama bird a name (“Cinderella”).

The nest is vacant now; the bird family didn’t stay long once the babies hatched, and we missed seeing them learn to fly. We’ll probably leave it alone again and hope for another chance next year!

I love seeing the world through your eyes.


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