Munchkin Can Read!

Dear Munchkin,

Last night, you became a reader. I’m so proud of you and excited for you I can barely sit still long enough to write this. I want to run do cartwheels and handsprings down the street shouting about your accomplishment!

Earlier in the day, I happened across collections of BOB Books at Costco. I first learned about them a few weeks ago, and they received many positive reviews from consumers. I snatched up the entire series.

I’ve had laryngitis (again) since Friday, and Daddy wasn’t sure if he would make it home by bed time. So at dinner, I announced, “Munchkin, since my voice is still stick, YOU are going to read our bed time story tonight!”

Your eyes lit up and you grew very excited. You wanted the books even before you had finished dinner. As soon as your plate was empty, we pushed it aside and pulled out the first book. You started sounding out 3-letter words right away! It was only when you looked up at me and squealed with glee, “I’m reading it!” that I remembered to start a video recording.

You powered through the first book and wanted more, so I gave you the second. I was in awe of you the whole time. I felt like I would simply explode. The experience was a little surreal, kind of like a dream. I was watching my child READ.

And you still wanted more! It was wonderfully gratifying to see you so excited about reading, though I had to make you wait while I changed Peanut’s diaper. You struggled a little with the third book, but you made it through, and then it was time to get ready for bed. You were exceptionally co-operative about the routine because I promised you could read one more story before we turned out the lights, if we had time. We started the fourth book, but it was clear you were tired. “Let’s do it tomorrow,” you sighed.

My darling, brilliant girl, reading will open up whole new worlds for you! I have been passionate about reading for as long as I can remember (and even before I could remember, since I’ve heard my parents tell stories). Since the day I knew you were growing inside me, I have dreamed of sharing the joy of reading with you. Daddy and I read to you in the womb. We read to you when you were a newborn. And we’ve enjoyed reading to you ever since.

Now, we embark on a new leg of this journey. We will continue reading to you and with you, modeling for you and nurturing your skills. But now we also get to help you read to us, and that is another level of delight.

You are my pride and joy,

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