Revisiting Inspiration

Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

A friend recently announced she is expecting a baby. It returned my thoughts to one of the reasons I began keeping this record for you.

I felt my mother’s loss most keenly when I was preparing for your births and learning to take care of my own newborn babies.

When I was pregnant, my care providers asked what I knew about my mother’s experiences surrounding pregnancy and giving birth. There were many questions I couldn’t answer.

For centuries, daughters have looked to their own mothers for guidance as they grow into motherhood themselves. Though others may valiantly strive to fill in, nobody knows me like my mother did. Nobody could ever take her place.

I pray I will tell you these stories in person one day. For now, I will inscribe them in this notebook of my memories. Should anything happen to me, these stories are too important to lose.

They are, after all, your stories.

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