I can hear the things you’re dreamin’ about

Dear Munchkin,

Daddy and I have observed some interesting behavior. Sometimes you call out for us at night, though you are sleeping soundly when we check on you. Sometimes you whimper or complain “I don’t WANT to” at random, or even sit straight up, mumbling something incoherent. If we wait just a moment before rushing to your side, you lay back down, apparently unaware of your true surroundings.

It makes me laugh.

A college roommate once told me that I sat up in bed and had a complete conversation with her, all while apparently asleep. I remembered none of it the next morning. It wasn’t the first time I’d been told I talked in my sleep. I’d heard similar reports after sleepovers with friends or sharing a cabin at summer camp.

Since our family shares a bed, I kind of wonder if you and I ever have conversations in our sleep. Maybe we should…

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