The Squeaky Rocking Chair

Dear Peanut,

We already had a rocking chair (technically a glider) when you were born. It was in the nursery, along with Munchkin’s bed. Gradually it dawned on me that you didn’t get to be rocked “in arms” unless she wasn’t home. This was especially true during the frequent night wakings that accompany the newborn phase. We’d often feed you, change your diaper, and pop you in the swing. Don’t get me wrong – you loved the swing. But it didn’t feel right.

We talked about moving the glider out to the dining room. But even backed into a corner, it would take up too much space to be practical. So we turned to Craigslist. Within a couple days, I’d identified a likely candidate: a relatively narrow glider with a smaller depth than most. Both Daddy and I took some time to sit and rock in it first, and everything seemed fine. It was clean and comfortable, and had a smooth gliding motion. At $20, we felt like it was a great deal.

Once we got it home, though, it squeaked. Loudly. With every motion. To this day, I wonder if the seller had oiled it just before we arrived or if something happened during transport. Daddy has oiled it many times. The squeak always comes back shortly after.

It drove us crazy!

But you didn’t seem to mind. In fact, we think maybe you kind of liked it as white noise.

Now we’re used to it. We can even laugh about it. And we use it every day to rock you to sleep.

It feels right, squeaks and all.

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