The First Time Munchkin Went to Sleep Alone

Dear Munchkin,

Tonight you were dawdling while getting ready for bed, and Daddy was losing patience. Finally he issued an ultimatum: if you didn’t focus and take care of business, you would have to go to sleep by yourself.

Typically, such a threat would be met with wailing protestations and an immediate change in behavior. Daddy never thought we would actually have to follow through. This time, however, you chirped “OK,” much to our surprise.

When you were finally ready for bed, we all said our goodnights, fully expecting a remorseful plea. None came.

I hesitated as I turned out the light, certain you wouldn’t actually let me leave the room. But you snuggled contentedly in your bed, almost gleeful. What’s more, you were asleep in under 30 minutes.

Daddy and I were shocked, to say the least. This behavior is completely out of character. We don’t know what to make of it, and we’re wondering if it will continue.

I was also somewhat surprised by my feelings. It was kind of exciting to finish all my regular chores – and then some – and still be in bed hours earlier than normal. At the same time, I was sad I didn’t get to cuddle with you and sing to you. I really enjoy that distraction-free time together. Maybe next time, if there is a next time in the near future, we’ll try saying prayers together and a few lullabies, then you can fall asleep alone. I missed being close to you.

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