Snow Angels and a Snow Turtle

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

A little over a week ago, we had an inch or so of snow on the ground for a few days. As soon as it started falling, Munchkin began asking to go out and play in it. That was kind of a surprise, because she clearly did not enjoy her first experience, about two years ago. We spent half an hour or more getting her, Daddy and me dressed for it, then wound up back inside in under fifteen minutes, only to spend another half hour getting everybody changed out of the wet clothes.

After that, Daddy and I were in no hurry for a repeat performance. We didn’t go out in the snow at all last winter. We delayed for about a day, but Munchkin was relentless, and it was time for Peanut’s first experience, anyway. So we spent half an hour, again, getting everybody appropriately dressed. I fully expected to be back inside within fifteen minutes, but was pleasantly surprised that we stayed outside for quite a bit longer. Daddy had to work this time, but Grandpa was visiting and watched us for a while, snapping a few pictures.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Munchkin picked up a handful of snow — bare-handed! — as soon as she got out the door. She made a tiny snowball and asked me to put it in my pocket. Then I remembered: she’d received a copy of Ezra Keats’ The Snowy Day from one set of Peanut’s Godparents at Christmas a year ago. Since then, it’s been one of her favorites. That explains the change in her attitude!

Munchkin soon moved on to making snow angels, just like Peter in the story. There really wasn’t enough snow to do much of anything, so the shapes were difficult to make out, except in spots where her movements exposed the grass. Finally, Munchkin wanted to make more snowballs — and throw them! Although she wasn’t wearing her gloves, she didn’t seem to mind the cold as she grasped one fistful of snow after the other.

Meanwhile, Peanut was so bundled up that Grandpa wondered if he would even be able to move. He wore a camo-green snowsuit with camo mittens, though he complained until I removed the mittens early in our outing. He was thrilled to just wander around in the snow, periodically stumbling and falling face-down. But he was too bundled to pick himself back up, so when he fell, he arched his back to lift his face and hands out of the snow until I stood him back on his feet. Smart kid. Grandpa and I thought it was pretty funny; Grandpa said he looked like a turtle, and I had to agree. After a while, Peanut joined big sister in making and throwing snowballs, though it was more like picking up and dropping the snow in his case.

Peanut had a great time despite the falls, and Munchkin begged for more when it was time to go inside. I hope we have more snow days, and more accumulation, so we can all go out to play again. And I hope Daddy can join in the fun next time!

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