Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

Well, kiddos, we took the plunge. We bought a king-size bed, and it’s being delivered this morning. All four of us in a queen-size bed just wasn’t working, so we’re hoping the extra 16 inches will do the trick.

We’d hesitated because it’s an expensive undertaking, and the queen-size bed is only about five years old and still has plenty of life left. We’re very happy my church was able to facilitate giving it to a needy family in the congregation. We were also able to take advantage of an end-of-year sale and four years of zero-interest financing by making the purchase on December 31; that’s what made it affordable.

In addition, we saved some money by forgoing a bed frame. We’ll just put the box spring on the floor with the mattress on top. You both insist on jumping on the bed, even though we make you stop and get down every time we catch you. And Peanut has fallen out of bed a few times, early in the night when he’s still the only one in it. We’ve had side rails up for safety since Munchkin started sleeping with us years ago, but Peanut just rolls and flops around so much that he somehow still manages to launch himself out on occasion. We’ve tried barricading him in with pillows (in addition to the side rails), still to no avail. So without the frame, at least it will be a shorter drop.

We’re all pretty excited to give it a try. Here’s to better sleep for all of us!

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4 Responses to Upsizing

  1. sophisticake says:

    Better on the floor! So much safer and it feels cozier too. Do either of your like to sleep sideways (feet toward one parent, head towards the other)?

    • littlemizc says:

      Oh yes, they both sleep sideways sometimes. We call it the “H” position, snagged from the How to Be a Dad blog. We’ve experienced most of the other positions, too. We’re hoping the new bed gets Daddy out of the “Doghouse.” More about our nighttime adventures here. Thanks for joining in our journey! 🙂

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