Kissy face

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Peanut recently figured out how to give kisses, and, it would seem, that kisses communicate love. Well, he mostly figured it out; he isn’t quite pursing his lips every time yet. Sometimes it’s closer to a bite, which is a whole other topic. But it’s still really cute and sweet.

Since learning what kisses mean and how to give them, he’s been pretty much obsessed with it. He’s been copying big sister, too, who has recently developed a habit of running up to me and “pecking” my leg at whatever height she can reach. Munchkin, in turn, has been copying little brother by giving lots and lots of kisses throughout each day. Although she was similarly enamored of giving kisses when she first learned at about the same age, she has not been wont to do it so frequently for quite some time.

I must admit I’m eating it up. I hope this phase lasts a long time – for both of you!

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