Carolers at the door

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Last night, teens and one of the youth workers from the Catholic church close to our house showed up at our door singing Christmas carols. What a delightful surprise! We’ve never had carolers before.

I stood at the door and listened while Daddy pulled Peanut out of the bath and brought him to me, then went to get Munchkin. Though the cold air from outside came in through the open door, you both stayed warm wrapped in fluffy towels and held close to us.

You seemed a little stunned, neither of you quite sure what to make of it. But Peanut gave a little smile as they finished the last song. And after Daddy explained  about Christmas caroling once they left, Munchkin seemed to think it was pretty neat.

I have gone out Christmas caroling many times, but have never received carolers. It was wonderful to experience it as a family!

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