A Perfectly Decorated Christmas Tree

Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

We finally decorated our Christmas tree yesterday. I don’t usually like to wait so long, but things just kept coming up this month that got in the way.

Munchkin was jumping and dancing with elation when Daddy put the tree together on Wednesday, clapping her hands and shouting “we’re going to have a Christmas tree!” But we made some sugar cookies that night and didn’t have time to do any of the decorating. I managed to put the lights on Friday night while Daddy was at church for the Advent novena. With both of you “helping,” it was no easy task, but we had fun. And your faces reflecting the lights were beautiful sights to see.

With the whole family together again on Saturday morning, it was time to add the ornaments. We were a little surprised when Peanut broke several that were supposed to be kid-safe, but it’s all stuff that can easily be glued back together. And Munchkin frequently put two ornaments together on a single branch. When I suggested we should only put one on each branch, her answer was really sweet: “but I want to because they’re dancing.”

So our tree decorations are clumped from about the middle down. Peanut frequently tries to grab both ornaments and lights. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t put the tree up earlier. But the memories (and photos) make it all worthwhile. Our tree is perfect as-is; it reflects where we are as a family right now. It reflects the joy and wonder of children at Christmas.


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