Advent Devotions

Dear Munchkin,

Throughout December, we’ve been working through an Advent countdown book for kids from one set of your Godparents, Aunt B and Uncle P. Each devotion includes a short commentary on a particular topic, a Bible verse, a prayer, and some sort of activity that relates to the topic for the day.

We’ve been having lots of fun with the activities, which have included making ornaments for our Christmas tree, singing a Christmas carol, and knocking on a door to hear “no room.” You’ve also gotten a kick out of blowing out the candles in the Advent candle holder my Godparents, Grandma D and Grandpa B, sent us.

The first day’s activity was my favorite, though. You and I made a paper chain out of green and red construction paper. You cut the green strips; I cut the red. Then we took turns making little dots of glue and pressing the ends together to make the rings. It was bath time when we finished, but before you ran off upstairs, you nearly knocked me over with a bear hug around my legs and told me “you’re the best mom EVER!”

You make me so happy, sometimes I think my heart will burst.

With exuberant love,

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