Dancing Through Life

Dear Peanut,

Last night I took you to the grocery store. They had Christmas music piping through the speakers, primarily classical/instrumental or classical-style vocal renditions, though not exactly opera.

You LOVED it.

You were bopping and swaying to the music almost the entire time, and whenever a piece from The Nutcracker played, you signed and said “mo-oh,” grinning ear to ear. I was impressed that you were so taken with Tchaikovsky. Although he wasn’t pleased with it, The Nutcracker has long been one of my favorites, too.

Daddy and I have tried to expose you to a variety of music. You’ve seemed to enjoy pretty much all of it, and we’ve long been struck by how much you enjoy dancing and movement. You are absolutely adorable when you dance, the more so because you are still developing your gross and fine motor skills. Your smiles in reaction to music light up not just rooms, but entire buildings. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you integrate it into your life as you grow.

For now, we’ll just keep singing and playing music for you, following your lead.

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