Breakfast in Bethlehem

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Yesterday our family went to an event at my church called “Breakfast in Bethlehem.” The goal of the event is to kick off the Advent and Christmas season with a focus on Jesus. We all had a great time, and Daddy and I were impressed by how well-organized it was.

All of the volunteers working the event were dressed to look like they might have when Jesus lived on Earth. There was a breakfast buffet in the gym, with women carrying baskets of food Jesus might have eaten, like dark purple grapes and almonds. The stage was set up for family photos in the stable with Baby Jesus, taken by a professional photographer. We sat with a friend of Munchkin’s and her family for breakfast, and the two girls decided they wanted a picture together in the stable, too. We’re looking forward to seeing how all the pictures turned out.

Then we went to the petting zoo, with animals that would have lived in the places Jesus lived in: two donkeys, a black cow, llama, potbellied pig, rabbit, goose, chicken, sheep and goat. You both really enjoyed the animals. Munchkin had a great time feeding hay to the cow, and Peanut’s favorite was the donkeys. I had to take him back to them about five times because he just couldn’t get enough!

We went back inside to walk through the carolers and check out the games, story time and crafts. There were lots of things, like servant opportunities, a gift shop with special helpers for kids, and other activities that we didn’t even have time to get to.

The morning culminated with a very engaging puppet show in the sanctuary, complete with music and singing. It was a such a fun morning that Peanut crashed before we even left the parking lot, and easily transferred into bed without waking up when we got home. Munchkin was tired, too, though she managed to stay awake long enough to eat some lunch.

We had a wonderful morning together, and Daddy and I are looking forward to making this a family tradition each year.

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