Acquiring the Words

Dear Peanut,

Today I am thankful that you are really starting to communicate using words. You’ve been using sign language to say “more” for a while. The funny thing is, you also actually say “mo-uh” at the same time, and you have since the first time you signed. You were signing “eat” for a while, but I haven’t seen that one recently. I think you still know it, you just haven’t needed to use it because we offer you meals and snacks regularly. A couple days ago, you started signing “change” for a diaper change and yesterday you signed “all done” for the first time. Those two are more like approximations of the correct signs, since you are still developing your fine motor skills, but they’re recognizable enough to get the point across. You also said “ah duh” or something like that for the latter, which was a new word in your spoken vocabulary, too! Other spoken words include “uh oh,” oh no,” “mama,” “dada,” “uh” (up – with arms reaching up to be picked up) and “heh-yo” (hello, with stress on the first syllable – talking on the phone).

Your comprehension when spoken to is also increasing. You’re sitting still longer when we read books to you, and you’re starting to follow simple directions, like “go get ___” or “come here.” We can tell you’re really paying attention when we talk to you, which is part of why you’re learning words to communicate your own ideas so well.

Praise for completing a requested task brings big smiles, and it’s obvious how proud you feel when you use a word and we immediately respond with what you asked for. Your whole face lights up when you sign “change” and we repeat it back to you then take you to get a clean diaper. It makes it a little easier on your parents and other caregivers, too, when you can actually tell us what you want. These are very exciting developments!


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