Modern Technology

My dear, sweet kids,

When I was growing up, we had two choices if we wanted to communicate with family or friends who lived far away: write a letter and wait days (or weeks or months) for a response to come in the mail, or call them on the phone and pay expensive long-distance charges. That phone had cords running from the wall of the house to a base, and from the base to the handset, by the way. As children of the modern age, this will probably be difficult for you to wrap your heads around.

Today we have mobile phones, texting, and no extra charge for long distance calls. Computers and the internet bring a whole host of additional ways to keep in touch: email, social media, instant messaging, blogs, and of course, video chats. We are so plugged in and connected these days, the world has shrunk.

It’s for this shrinking that I’m thankful today – we can sit in our home in the Midwest and have video chats with your Grandpa in South Carolina, your Godparents in New York, Arizona, and Michigan, and many other family members and friends. Even though we are too far away to be in the same room very often, we can still communicate immediately and inexpensively, and best of all, we can see each other’s facial expressions and actions. You can show off your dance moves or make silly faces, and they can see how you’re growing and developing. You can have a relationship with these people, rather than just hearing their names and seeing their pictures, which grow outdated so quickly.

It’s the next best thing to a hug.


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