Working from Home

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Today I’m thankful that I work from home. I am very blessed to have both a job I can do from home and an employer willing to let me do it.

It saves us a lot of money on gasoline since I don’t have to drive to work, especially in rush-hour traffic. I can do little things during the day, like start a load of laundry or put some dishes in the dishwasher. Even though other people take care of you while I work in my office, I get to spend a few minutes with you several times each day when I take breaks. And I can come running when something big happens, like first steps, or if you’re really upset and you just need Mommy for a few minutes.

But best of all, working from home saves me countless hours of getting ready and commuting, which means I have more time to spend with you in the mornings and evenings, too. Yesterday I was able to make sugar cookie dough with Munchkin before starting work for the day. It’s little things like that that remind me just how fortunate our family really is.


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