Church Community

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

We are blessed to have not only one, but three church communities. Of course, your dad works at St. Dominic’s. My church is St. Paul’s. And on Sunday evenings, your dad helps with a Mass at St. Joseph’s a few minutes away from our house, just for fun.

Your dad has to be at St. Dominic’s every weekend, but I alternate between taking you there or St. Paul’s for worship. Daddy joins us at my church on rare occasions when he doesn’t also have a Mass at the same time, usually for a mid-week service on Ascension Day or the eve of a holiday.

We stay involved with all three congregations by attending community events outside of worship. We are recognized and welcomed everywhere, and of course everybody loves to watch you growing and changing. They are all very supportive of our family, too, and have provided a great deal of support along the way.

We are blessed to have the love, friendship and prayers of so many good people. I hope we always remember to be thankful.


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