The Gift of Music

Dear Peanut and Munchkin,

Today I’m thankful that God has given our family the ability to make and enjoy music. Your dad and I both sing to you regularly; we sing you to sleep and we often sing during play times. We keep a variety of small, handheld instruments easily accessible so we can all make music together. We enjoy listening to a wide range of recorded music, too, and of course you both love to dance. Music fills our lives.

Music is Daddy’s livelihood as well as his ministry. Sometimes, I am able to join him, and working together makes it even more special to us both.

Today, we have the opportunity to use our gifts to bring healing and comfort to the grieving. This morning, your dad and I are attending the funeral of a friend – the patriarch of a large and kindhearted family. Though buoyed by their faith, those left behind keenly feel his absence, mourning their loss even while they celebrate eternal life with Christ. Your dad will play the piano and I will sing.

Music can be as a balm, bringing comfort. The Lord has blessed us with the ability to be the instrument of peace. It is our honor to use this gift in His service.


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