Wednesdays with Lola

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

Today I am thankful that your Lola is able and willing to babysit you on a regular basis. For three years now, she has taken care of Munchkin on Wednesdays, brought her home and put her to bed. At first, that was so I could attend rehearsals for my church choir. Now it’s because you two still find each other much too distracting to be in the same room when it’s time to go to sleep. Since Daddy has to direct his own church choir rehearsals, your Lola and I each take one of you and put you to bed.

Once I went back to work after Peanut was born, he started going to your Lola’s house on Wednesdays, too. This year, since Munchkin started going to preschool, Peanut spends all of Thursday at her house, as well, and we pick up Munchkin from preschool after lunch and take her there for the afternoon.

Your dad and I both think it’s wonderful that you get to spend time with your Lola on a regular basis. You have fun with her and learn many things that we don’t have the skill or knowledge base to teach you (gardening, for example). She gets to see her grandchildren frequently, which delights her; she brags about it to her peers. It’s also a blessing for us because child care is expensive. Since she doesn’t charge us, that money can be put toward other things, like your education.

You have also been spending the night on Tuesday nights since each of you turned a year old, which has allowed Daddy and me the opportunity to have time for dates, catching up on household stuff, or just time to be adults. We love you very, very much, but everybody needs a break sometimes. And it’s good for you to experience a different set of rules and ways of doing things; that should give you more adaptability as you mature. It’s a win-win-win situation for all of us!


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