Your Dad

Dear Munchkin and Peanut,

I could spend all day, maybe more, writing about why I’m thankful for your father, my husband. So I’ll try to sum it up with bullet points:

  • He is my best friend and companion. He loves me for who I am, faults and all.
  • He helps me grow and become a better person.
  • We share the same faith in Christ, though we differ on some details of practice. But I know we will be with each other in heaven, too.
  • He tries very hard to live a God-pleasing life.
  • He loves you both dearly, and spends time with you regularly.
  • He is wonderfully creative and artistic.
  • He’s a fantastic musician; I love hearing him sing and play.
  • He’s both smart and witty, challenging all of us and making us laugh.


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